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Welcome to Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions

Reliable dog training without treats, even around distractions

Dog Training Classes in Beeton, ON 

Private lessons also available

       Does Your Dog...

Pull on leash?

Charge at the door?

Refuse to come when called? 

Jump on people?

Refuse to Stay?

Bite or nip people?

Pee in the house?

Get out of control around other dogs?

Refuse to listen to you?

Give us a call to find out how we can help! 

Dog Obedience training is what is needed for most misbehaving dogs. It's really not about getting your dog to Sit or Down, it's about building the proper relationship. We do not use food in our classes to teach obedience. Instead we use a method of praise and correction. You will have solid obedience training that sticks, because your dog has learned to work for you, not what's in your hand. A dog is happier when he has leadership. This kind of training fixes many behaviour issues going on with your dog.

Classes or Private Lessons are available


All classes are located in Beeton, ON
All are 6 week sessions, $195 tax included

Obedience Classes are a great idea for every dog, regardless of breed or age. The more training you do with your dog the more you will enjoy them. Not only does it create a well behaved dog, it tires them out. All dogs need a job to do, and all dogs need leadership. Our classes are aimed at teaching the dog who their leader is and building compliance while still having fun.


Puppy Essentials
For Everything Puppy

Must be under 18 weeks old at start of class

This course will benefit ALL puppies, regardless of how much home training they have had. A puppy needs to get out see new things, new people and other dogs. The Puppy Essentials course  gives you an opportunity to do this in a safe environment. Learn how to raise a well balanced puppy. Puppies need to have had 2 sets of vaccines by the second week of class.

Basic Obedience
The Course All Dogs Need

For all dogs over 18 weeks old at start of class

 This course helps you get your dog under control and makes them a more enjoyable family pet. It is all about teaching your dog that you are the leader which creates a more confident, stable, balanced dog. It also builds a strong bond with you. Even if your dog knows some commands like Sit or Down, this is the course for you to fix any behaviour issues you may be having. 

Basic Level II 
Off Leash Reliabilty

Only for dogs that have taken the Basic Obedience course

Every dog needs this course to complete their training, solidify what they've learned, and to achieve off leash reliability. Even if it's just for safety purposes, off leash reliability should be everyone's goal! Getting your dog to Come when called should be everyone's goal. Finish this course and you likely won't need any other training on your dog.

Private Lessons

Private lessons have the advantage of giving you and your dog more one on one instruction time. Private lessons are sometimes preferred for the very difficult dog, people that need a more flexible schedule or can't make evening classes, or need immediate help.

 Cases of aggression should usually be handled through private lessons. 


Puppy Starter

$80 / visit

Bringing home a puppy is a big step in your life, and one that should not be taken lightly. This is a very exciting time, but you want to be sure to do it right. We can help give you a head start to make things as easy as possible for you. This can be done either before getting a puppy, after, or both.

What is covered:

House training (potty training), crate training, biting, how to socialize your puppy the right way.

Puppy Essentials
For Everything Puppy

$400 / 5 visits

This is a 5 week course covering everything you need to know to raise a puppy the right way. It includes everything in the Puppy Starter plus much more. This course will benefit all puppies, regardless of how much home training they have had. 

Let us show you how to raise a stable, well balanced pup right from the start. 

Basic Obedience
Behaviour Modification

$480 / 6 visits

This course is designed for all dogs, but it's also the place we start to fix any sort of problem behaviours, anywhere from wildy and crazy,  shy and nervous, and even aggression. A full 6 weeks of obedience lessons for dogs over 18 weeks old. 

This course helps you get your dog under control and makes them a more enjoyable family pet. It is all about teaching your dog COMPLIANCE, both in your home and out in public around distractions. 

House Training The Adult Dog

$80 / visit

Sometimes it's tough to get a dog house trained reliably, and dog's are frequently given up because of this.  We can help. With a one on one consultation we will give you the right "tools" needed to reliably get your dog house trained (potty trained) in no time! The session takes approximately 1 -1.5hrs  and includes written handout. Two visits are recommended.

Choosing The Right Dog


Not all dogs are the same, and it's very important to pick the right dog for your family's lifestyle. Often people will pick a breed simply because they like the cute dog they've just seen on T.V. They get a puppy without researching and later realize that the cute Border Collie pup is really not working out so well with their relatively calm lifestyle, or the Yorkshire Terrier may not have been the best choice for their active hiking and camping lifestyle.We can meet with you to discuss the pros and cons of different breeds before you make your choice. We also help advise on how to find a good breeder and what you should be expecting from the breeder.

Meet The Trainers


Kim Peters

Owner / Head Trainer


Dawn Basham

Assistant Trainer