Welcome to Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions

Dog Training Classes in Beeton, ON 

Private lessons also available

Welcome to Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions
Behaviour Modification Specialists

Results based dog training without treats, even around distractions

Private dog training lessons and classes in Beeton, ON 

       Does Your Dog...

Pull on leash?

Charge at the door?

Refuse to come when called? 

Jump on people?

Refuse to Stay?

Bite or nip people?

Pee in the house?

Get out of control around other dogs?

Refuse to listen to you?

Give us a call to find out how we can help! 

Dog Obedience training is what is needed for just about all dogs. It's really not about getting your dog to Sit or Down, it's about building the proper relationship. We do not use food in our classes to teach obedience. Instead, we use a method of praise and correction. You will have solid obedience training that sticks because your dog has learned to work for you, not what's in your hand. A dog is happier when he has leadership. This kind of training fixes many behaviour issues going on with your dog.

Classes or Private Lessons 

What's the difference between classes and private lessons? Classes are a group of people and dog teams, usually limited to just 8 dogs. Private lessons are just you, your dog, the instructor, and possibly their dog.

Private lessons cost more but may be more beneficial for your dog or your lifestyle. Contact us to help you decide.


Everyone's goal for every dog should be off-leash reliability, even around distractions.

We can help you achieve that! 


All classes are located in Beeton, ON
All are 6 week sessions

Obedience Classes are a great idea for every dog, regardless of breed or age. The more training you do with your dog the more you will enjoy them. Not only does it create a well-behaved dog, it tires them out. All dogs need a job to do, and all dogs need leadership. Our classes are aimed at teaching the dog who their leader is and building compliance while still having fun.

Classes are kept small so everyone gets plenty of help. 



Puppy Essentials
For Everything Puppy

Must be under 20 weeks old at the start of class


Basic Obedience
The Course All Dogs Need

For all dogs over 20 weeks old at the start of class


Basic Level II 
Off Leash Reliabilty

Only for dogs that have taken the Basic Obedience course

Private Lessons

Private lessons have the advantage of giving you and your dog more one on one instruction time. Private lessons are sometimes preferred for the very difficult dog, people that need a more flexible schedule or can't make evening classes, or need immediate help.

 Cases of aggression should usually be handled through private lessons. 


Puppy Starter


Puppy Essentials
For Everything Puppy


Basic Obedience
Behaviour Modification


Level II - Off Leash Reliability


House Training The Adult Dog


Choosing The Right Dog

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