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Welcome to Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions

Our facility has the top behaviour modification specialists, offering relationship-building, results-based dog training.
Private lessons and classes are available. We are conveniently located in Beeton, ON.

Does Your Dog...

Pull on leash? 

Charge at the door?

Refuse to come when called? 

Jump on people?

Refuse to Stay?

Bite or nip people?

Pee in the house?

Get out of control around other dogs?

Refuse to listen to you?

Then... Dog Obedience training is what your dog needs. It's really not about getting your dog to Sit or Down, it's about building the proper relationship. We do not use food in our classes to teach obedience. Instead, we use a method of praise and correction. You will have solid obedience training that sticks because your dog has learned to work for you, not what's in your hand. A dog is happier when he has leadership. This kind of training fixes many behaviour issues going on with your dog.


Everyone's goal for every dog should be off-leash reliability, even around distractions. We can help you achieve that! 

Our Services


Our Philosophy


Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions was founded in 2007 with the realization that there was a need for people to learn how to be a strong leader for their dogs. A balanced dog with a strong leader is a happy and well-behaved dog. We don't believe in bribing dogs with food, especially when it comes to obedience or household behaviour. We also feel that dogs should behave both at home and when they are out and distracted. 

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Meet the Trainers

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Kim Peters

I am the owner and head instructor of Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions.  I've always had a love for dogs, and began training my first dog when I was just twelve. Since then I've competed in many different types of dog sports with my dogs and I've helped thousands of people train their own dogs over the last 15 years. 
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Dawn Basham

Dawn started with Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions in January 2015, first as a client, and then as a volunteer to learn everything she can about dog training. Dawn then became a full instructor and has been for at least 5 years. Dawn is also an experienced dog groomer. If you're in one of our classes be sure to ask her about grooming.

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