All classes come complete with unlimited phone and email support during the entire session.

Obedience Classes are a great idea for every dog, regardless of breed or age. The more training you do with your dog the more you will enjoy them. Not only does it create a well-behaved dog, but it also tires them out. All dogs need a job to do, and all dogs need leadership. All of our classes are aimed at teaching the dog who their leader is and building compliance. 

Available Classes: 

Puppy Essentials 

Must be under 18 weeks at the start of class

Basic Obedience 

Must be over 18 weeks at the start of class


Basic Level II

Must have completed Basic Obedience with us, no exceptions

Retakes of all classes are always discounted to $150, as many times as you'd like.. Must be the same person and dog. 

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