Winston is a high energy, 110 pound 9 month puppy - these classes have allowed me the opportunity to learn how to properly handle such a big dog and also build trust and a bond with him that I don't think I could have done without these classes. We have already seen so much progress and are confident that he will mature into an incredible dog.

Julia & "Winston", Bond Head, ON

Kim and Dawn are amazing at what they do. I cannot believe the difference in my pup in just 6 weeks of classes. I highly recommend the puppy essentials class. They will give you a wealth of information and advice. Was great for a first time puppy owner!

Michelle & "Reese", Beeton, ON

Rescue greyhounds are wonderful, sweet, beautiful dogs but, in general, they're not known for being smart, compliant, or accepting of any change (aka easily trained).  Hillary, 4-years old and now 18-months off the track, knew how to run fast, chase things, and eat.  I'd used Dogs BeHaven for Maggie, my older, smarter retriever mix, for years and was very pleased with Kim's Basic Obedience I & II, Tricks n' Games and Scent classes' results.  I had my doubts for the same effect on Hillary, but really, I nothing to lose.  After Scent (where Hillary was introduced to the training class structure (albeit for "fun" learning and to use her nose), and Basic Obedience I, the results are nothing short of incredible ... there's still work to be done, but I've benefited by learning how to instruct a "difficult" dog, and Hillary has learned to love new things and, has moved miles ahead of where she was.  Now she ... walks to heel, ignores other dogs, ignores most rabbits and squirrels, sits (something most people say is too difficult for a greyhound to do; Kim taught her how to do that in less than 5 minutes), comes when called, stays, downs, and even balances herself on a chair if her "place" mat has been placed on one and the command issued.   And, the important thing about Dogs BeHaven, Kim and Dawn really take the time to understand each owner, each dog and offer concrete suggestions on how dog and owner can give and gain trust from each other.  Being a lifelong dog owner, I've used many other training facilities, but Dogs BeHaven is absolutely the best (demonstrated by being the only training venue I've gone to for over 8 years).

Jo & "Hillary", Orangeville, ON

I am sending this email as a huge big thank you to you and Dawn in appreciation of all that I have learn about dog training and obedience by taking level I and II. Xena our adopted, three legged german shepherd is our first dog and we knew that we really needed to take lessons so we could understand dog behaviour, and how to gain obedience in a positive way.
Your training and homework have proved to be absolutely amazing. From having a dog that pulled whilst on a leash and got very excited when you put your coat or shoes on, we now have a happy, but calm dog who will heel off leash and is reliable in coming when called. Your support has been great, and your emphasis on doing the homework is 100% correct. Spending the time doing daily practice has really paid off, even though going out in the cold and rain was tough sometimes, but I am so glad I did it.
Level I gave us a great foundation and Level II really helped developing consistent heeling. Xena has responded really well to all the training and I would highly recommend your lessons.

Helen & "Xena", Caledon, ON

I remember the day I called Kim at dogs behaven, I was overwhelmed and nothing I was reading on the internet was working to correct some unwanted behaviours. I grew up with dogs so I assumed I could train her myself no problem. I had a cute crazy little puppy who would soon turn into a big beautiful rottweiler. I explained to Kim my goals for Zara, I knew I wanted her to be trained beyond the basic sit, stay, roll over. As a working breed , they sometimes get a bad name and I didnt want to add to that name by being an irresponsible owner who didnt take the time to train my dog properly.
Kim spoke to me about Zaras current issues/behaviours for 45 mins, telling me the proper ways to correct the behaviour I didnt want her doing (she was willing to help me and I hadn't even signed up yet) After our phone call I felt so much more at ease, I knew Zara could be the dog i wanted her to be but clearly it was ME who needed the proper training to get her there.
I signed us up for Puppy Essentials and once completed we dove right into Basic obedience. The classes were a god sent, it was more than just teaching your dog to do tricks, it was teaching them to listen, and not just to get a treat. I think thats one of my favourite things about this training, my dog has learned to sit, stay, or leave something alone because I told her to and not because i have a pocket full of treats. I get comments when people come to my house about how well trained my little puppy is and shes only just turned 6 months old.
Kim has helped me learn how to train, correct, and praise my dog in a way that benefits her and I both. She is eager to learn and I feel I have the proper tools now to keep her happy by showing her whats expected of her. Whether in was in person, via email or in class Kim helped me with any issues I was having. I now believe anyone who owns a dog, big or small should do puppy essentials & obedience. You and your dog will be much happier after learning the basic skills of training, though most of the time its us humans who need the most help. We cant thank Kim at Dogs Behaven enough for all the help and encouragement in our dog training journey, we are looking forward to starting obedience 2!

 Keara & "Zara", Mulmur, ON

Before going to Dogs BeHaven, my dogs were embarrassing to walk or be in public with. I had tried many other approaches with no results. By week two there were noticeable changes and now I love spending time with my dogs, they are so obedient!

We have now trained 4 dogs with Kim at Dogs BeHaven and have been very satisfied with the results. Kim has always been very approachable and willing to help with any issues, regardless of how simple or complex. She is readily available and quite helpful. I will be recommending Kim and Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions to all my friends. Thanks for taming the Land Shark!

Dalia is a very energetic and, at times, stubborn dog. Although she can behave, she struggled with her basic commands. After working Dalia through the Basic Obedience course she became more obedient and we were able to use strategies for bringing down her energy. Kim was very approachable and made the course accommodating and understanding for all the dog owners. 

Amanda and "Millie, Audrey, Dalia, Boss", Tottenham, ON

I took my 5 year old Australian Shepherd, Whitney, to Kim after previously completeing training at a different location a few years back. I wanted to get myself and my dog back into it so I would be able to take her for walks around the neighbourhood and be more confident with dealing with her behaviours. I can not say more positive comments about Kim, her assitants (dogs and humans), her training approach, and her teaching style. She is very knowledgeable, takes time to address individual dogs/humans when needed and is available for support through email. Her lessons were interactive, with vusual demonstration first and then take home documents for follow up. I will definitely be signing up for Basic Level II with Whitney.

Lesley and "Whitney", Orangeville, ON

My highly reactive Boxer/Doberman cross named Shadow is very fearful of moving vehicles and other dogs. He would bark and lunge uncontrollably. I can now take him outside and he'll be anxious, but he will listen to my commands and the lunging has stopped. Also he would jump on everyone he comes into contact with and that has now come to an end upon completion of Basic Obedience. 

I was thrilled when on the last day of Level II training I was able to drop the lead, and Shadow would hell, sit, stay, at great distances. Not reacting to the other dogs or people around him as he'd done in past. This was the first time I let him off leash and he did great for such a reactive dog. I owe it all to Kim's guidance, knowledge and patience. 

Dogs BeHaven was a life line for me. Before training I was thinking of surrendering Shadow to a rescue, he was just too difficult to take outdoors prior to his training with Dogs BeHaven.

Many thanks Kim. Also thanks to Dawn, Griffin and Jade.

Mike and "Shadow", Woodbridge, ON

Kim is the absolute best. She is always available to answer any questions or help with any problems you may encounter. Kim is very patient and makes her classes fun. The weekly handouts are very concise and easy to follow. My 3 year old Golden has taken all of Kim's classes. My 6 month old Golden has now completed 2 of the classes and is now enrolled in Basic Level II. I am proud to say that I can take both of my dogs out, at the same time, for a nice long walk and have them heeling by my side without pulling. Strangers compliment me on how well behaved and friendly both my dogs are and I tell them about Kim and what a great instructor she is. Take her classes and you will have a well behaved dog!

Carol and "Buddy and Jordie", Everett, ON

Kim is very good at teaching us to teach the dogs. Very informative and supportive with her teaching, with a good sense of humor. If there are ever any problems or issues she will find a solution. I highly recommend this course to any dog owner who wants a willingly obedient dog. It could save their life!

Wendy & "Ezmay", Kleinburg, ON

I'm so glad I stumbled across Dogs BeHaven in a google search of dog trainers, being new to the area and a first time dog owner. My partner and I couldn't be happier with Kim and the training program - from Puppy Essentials to Basic Obedience, she's helped us with everything from basics like crate training and feeding, up to walking on leash without pulling. I was amazed at how quickly our dog responded to Kim's techniques. We have a high energy lab / husky mix, and I can't imagine where we'd be now if we hadn't done both classes. Kim is knowledgeable, very helpful, and takes the time (even her own personal time!) to make sure that you get the material and are succeeding. I would absolutely recommend Dogs BeHaven to anyone that wants a well-balanced and responsive dog!

Allie & "Jovie", Schomberg, ON

Hi Kim,I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the classes!  You are a very good instructor,  you make it fun yet get the point across,  it is a
stress free environment which allows everyone to try their best without
criticism .   Plus the class is always on time which I really like!  I will
certainly recommend your classes to those who ask.

Barb & "Kruz", Alliston, ON

Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions saved my relationship with my very large stubborn dog. Feeling beat up and at the end of my rope, Lucy and I met with Kim after witnessing her superior canine command and instantly felt reassured and confident that we could turn things around. I have now completed Puppy Essentials and Basic Obedience with Dogs BeHaven and the knowledge we have both gain is simply invaluable. These two course taught me how to confidently handle Lucy and taught her how to comfortably be handled. Despite her size ( 111 lbs at 9 months), I take Lucy almost everywhere and I always receive positive feedback on how well behaved she is. I didn't think that would ever happen! The training Lucy and I have received has built a bond and respect between us I never once thought possible. Lucy has transformed from Beast to Best Friend and I now enjoy her true companionship. We are getting set to start Basic Obedience II and look forward to building on the strong and skilled approach to both dog and dog owner. I would highly recommend Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions to any dog owner who really wants to achieve a steadfast relationship with their canine family member by utilizing reliable methods!

Having completed both the Puppy Essentials and Basic Obedience we  enrolled in the Basic Level II course. We found it to be a fantastic extension to building on the strong foundation we had developed during the first two courses. This training helped us to solidify reliable recalls and strengthen heeling techniques and we are well on our way to reliable off leash heeling. We continue to practice the reliable methods learned during this course and look forward to displaying our perfected techniques at an obedience trial in the near future.

Leanne & "Lucy", Beeton, ON

Kim was super with the dogs. Firmness and consistency is her attitude that makes the dogs behave. Can not stress enough that the homework with the dog is what makes the program work. Kim's suggestions work wonderfully.

Corrie, Katie & "Buddy", Beeton, ON

My Jack's story starts as a little puppy who was becoming un-trainable and unpleasant to live with. This puppy was starting to bite, becoming dangerous to people and other dogs, and destroyed property. in fact she had bitten my nose and drew blood.
With Kim's guidance I am the proud owner of a little Jack Russell named Molly who knows now how to heel, come on command, not jump up, is no longer dog aggressive, knows how to sit, stay and will wait until I tell her to take her food, and is a pleasure to be around.  In fact, we are even staring the process towards going towards dog obedience trials.  These behaviours were not instilled in this little treasure until I met Kim.  With Kim's guidance and kind no nonsense approach we were able to get through to Molly and turn her around and bring out the best that she has to offer.  
Kim's training  is not based on treats or other kinds of "bribes" it is based on pure fundamentals in order to get the best out of you and your dog. She has brought my dog from an F to a A and only with her kindness and tenacious attitude were we able to get there.
In all honesty one of the nicest and caring people I have ever met. Not only does Kim want the best for your dog, but she wants the best for you and your dog.

Clodagh & "Molly", Brampton, ON

My Labrador Retriever pup (14 weeks at start of course) and I were enrolled inn the Puppy Essentials course recently. This is a great course for new puppy owners to learn basic tools for training/living with/socializing a young pup. I found Kim Peters to be an engaged, enthusiastic instructor. Her instructions and written handouts are clear and concise. She is very good at assessing the abilities of the owner and personality of the puppy. She makes sure participants all get the same "message" but recognizes that there are no cookie cutter approaches to training. Classes are kept to an enrollment level that ensures each training team get the attention and support needed to master the exercises and do the homework required. Kim clearly wants to make sure her students - two and four legged come from each class with a sense of accomplishment. I look forward to further training with Kim and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Dawn & "Rune", Pefferlaw, ON

After trying to manage my dogs aggression to other dogs on my own, I realized I needed professional help after my dog charged and bit another dog.

Through Dogs BeHaven Basic Obedience class, Kim taught me very quickly that my dogs behavior was stemmed from how I was letting my dog take the lead - and that I needed to be the leader of my dog.

Together with Kim, we worked through many exercises that quickly helped both my dog and I become closer connected and learn to be team mates - with me in the lead.
After the level 1 class I wanted to further refine the skills of my dogs & mine as well. During the Basic Level II class we experienced a turning point where my dog could walk past other dogs while off leash - and no more aggression to other dogs.  I still can't believe the change in my dog - it's like he's a whole different dog but better! He's now happy, balanced and I am as well.

Thank you Kim for being so awesome & for making an amazing difference in our lives!

Lisa and "Joey", Hockley, ON

My puppy and I both have learned so much at Dogs BeHaven. I would recommend the classes to any new dog owner. Kim is a very knowledgeable trainer and it has made a huge difference in our puppy's behaviour and his interaction with our friends and family.

Justine & "Toby", Caledon, ON