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Board and Train


Board and Train is when your dog comes to stay with us in our home training location for a set period of time. It may be arranged that your dog goes home with you on weekends, depending on a variety of factors. This type of training is great for owners who are unable to do the work, for whatever reason. Many things can be accomplished through Board and Train, but new habits take time to build. 

We reserve the right to determine which dogs are a good fit, as your dog will be staying with us in our home. As well as regular homework sessions your dog will be receiving in home manners training as well. 


Puppy Essential


For all puppies under 20 weeks old

 This course will benefit ALL puppies, regardless of how much home training they have had. A puppy needs to get out to see new things, new people, and other dogs. Learn how to raise a well-balanced, properly socialized puppy. 2 sets of vaccines are required and fecal including giardia. 

​This 4-week course will cover:   


  • Getting started with obedience - Leave it, Sit, Stand, Down, Come, Walk on leash

  • Handling and grooming

  • Biting, Jumping up

  • Proper socialization with dogs and people                             

  • Housetraining

  • Crate training    

  • How to avoid resource guarding before it happens

  • Question period every class for individual household problems

  • Homework handouts 


 Included in the course fee is the required equipment - a martingale collar, 6' leather leash, and 15' longe line. They are not guaranteed from chewing and must be purchased separately if chewed.

Please call for pricing.

Basic Obedience 

This course is where all dogs begin if they are over 20 weeks old. 

This course helps you get your dog under control, making them a more enjoyable family pet. It is all about teaching your dog COMPLIANCE, both in your home and out in public around distractions. It will also help you build your bond with your dog. 

If you never do anything else with your dog, be sure you do this course! All dogs, regardless of age, need to take this one. 


This 5 Week course will cover:

  • Teaching your dog to heel at your side without the use of head halters or food. No more pulling on leash, even around distractions.

  • Sit, Stand, Down, Stay, Place, and Come (on leash until Basic Level II course) – RELIABLY, without food being needed.

  • Controlling your dog around other dogs, people and any other distractions

  • Biting, jumping up, barking.

  • Teaching your dog to accept handling, grooming, and vetting.

  • Problem behaviours within the home. 

Includes the required equipment - the training collar, a 6' leather leash, and 15' longe line. They are not guaranteed from chewing and must be purchased separately if chewed. 

Please call for pricing




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