Off Leash Reliability

 $450.00 HST Included

5 - 1 hour lessons

Level II - Advanced Training

Off-Leash Reliability

The Basic Level II course is ONLY for dogs that have fully completed the Basic Obedience course. 

 Every dog needs this course to complete their training, solidify what they've learned, and to achieve off-leash reliability - a solid recall (Come!). Even if it's just for safety purposes, off-leash reliability should be everyone's goal! Finish this course and you likely won't need any other training on your dog.  

This course will cover:

  • Solidifying all material covered in Basic Obedience at a greater distance with more distractions.

  • A solid, reliable recall (getting your dog to come when called), with distractions.

  • Fine-tuning obedience covered in the Basic Obedience course.

  • Long-distance stays.

  • Reliable off-leash heeling.

  • Getting your dog trial ready if that is your goal

  • Unlimited phone and email help for the duration of the course, for any problems you may be having with your dog.