Basic Obedience 

$555 HST Included

6 - 1 hour lessons, training collar, 6' leather leash, 15' longe line

(equipment not guaranteed from chewing and must be purchased separately if chewed)

This course is designed for all dogs, but it's also the place we start to fix any sort of problem behaviours, anywhere from shy and nervous to aggression.


A full 6 weeks of obedience lessons for dogs over 20 weeks old. 

This course helps you get your dog under control and makes them a more enjoyable family pet. It is all about teaching your dog COMPLIANCE, both in your home and out in public around distractions. Even if your dog knows basic things like Sit or Down, this is the course for you to fix any issues you may be having with your dog.  It will also help you build a stronger bond with your dog. 

You know that well behaved dog you see out in public that you wish was your dog? This course is what you need to achieve that. 

This includes written handouts and unlimited support via email or phone throughout the training session.


Private lessons are ideal for difficult dogs, people that can not make it to evening classes, or people with difficult schedules as private lesson times can be flexible.  Cases of aggression should usually be handled through private lessons. 

This course includes: 

  • Teaching your dog to heel at your side without the use of head halters or food. No more pulling on leash, even around distractions.

  • Getting your dog to turn his attention to you when he's distracted.

  • Sit, Stand, Down, Stay, Place, and Come (on leash until Basic Level II course) - RELIABLY -  the first time they are told, without food being needed.

  • Controlling your dog around other dogs (no more dislocated shoulders) and in public.

  • Biting, jumping up, barking.

  • Teaching your dog to accept handling, grooming, vetting.

  • Problem behaviours within the home.

  • Unlimited phone and email help for the duration of the course, for any problems you may be having with your dog. 

You will need to be able to do a minimum of 40 minutes per day of practice work for this course.