My Story

Kim Peters

I am the owner and head instructor of Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions. I've always had a love for dogs, and began training my first dog when I was just twelve years old. She was a crazy Labrador puppy that was quite determined to dislocate my shoulder. We got through training together, and went on to enjoy many years of competitive obedience trials, flyball and agility. "Maggie" even tried out for SuperDogs and was accepted, until they learned that she was 7 yrs old. That was over 30 years ago, and I still love training dogs.

Other interests include conformation, dock diving, scent detection, learning about different breeds, and animal health and nutrition. 

My training philosophy involves getting the dog to work for you because they want to, and because they have a wonderful bond with you. I don't believe in bribing dogs with food into doing anything, especially when it comes to obedience or household behaviour. I also very strongly feel that dogs should work around all distractions, not just where life is easy. That being said, I do keep an open mind to using the right "tool" for the problem. 

Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions was founded in 2007 with the realization that there was a need for people to learn how to be a strong leader for their dogs. I strive to teach this through obedience, and the rest of the problems often tend to disappear after balance is restored. A balanced dog with a strong leader is a happy and well behaved dog. 

Training Credentials:

  • Mentored under well known and accomplished obedience trainer and CKC & AKC licenced obedience judge, Joan Coyle who also taught my Mother starting years before me. This means I was raised in a dog training family and learned how to handle dogs at a young age.  

  • Started and ran my own flyball team at the age of 18.

  • Attended countless obedience classes at 10 or more different training schools under various trainers.

  • Margot Woods - Bedrock Essentials Training School.

  • Margot Woods - Bedrock Nuts & Bolts.                               

  • Aurora Obedience Club - Conformation Handling                               

  • Jean Dodds - Canine Immunology - thyroid related problems; Immune-mediated diseases; vaccinations; genetics; alternative treatments and therapies; nutrition and how all these affect our canine companions.

  • John Wade - Dog Training with Nature's Template

  • Chad Mackin - Pack to Basics - rehabilitation for dog aggressive dogs

  • CAPPDT 2011 conference presentations attended:

    • Sarah Wilson "Helping the Deficit Dog"

    • Scott Peters "Learning From A Dog Owner's Perspective"

    • Joel Silverman "What Colour Is Your Dog?"

    • John Wade "Scent Games"

    • Dr. Dorothy Dunning "Dog Ethology: An Evolutionary View Of Dog Behaviour"

    • Roger Hild "When The Only Tool You Have Is A Hammer"

    • Robin MacFarlane "Electronic Collar Training"

    • Cheri Lucas "Behaviour Modification Through Pack Work"

    • Micheal Wolters "Gold Bead Implants To Treat Arthritis"

  • Karin Apfel - Sport Detection Workshop Beginner - training scent work for dogs

  • Bev Owocki - Open and Utility Competition Obedience

  • Karin Apfel - Sport Detection Workshop Advanced

  • Red Barn Event Centre - Weekend for Well Pets

  • Nelson Hodges - Canine Behavior, Language and Rehabilitation Seminar / Workshop

  • Duke Ferguson - The Art Of Attention Seminar

  • Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid Certification

  • Training Terrors and Handling Errors with Linda Kaim

  • 2021 Puppy Primer Seminar with Linda Kaim

Member in Good Standing:

  • Canadian Kennel Club

  • Flat-Coated Retriever Society of Canada

  • IACP - International Association of Canine Professionals

  • CAPDT - Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers

  • SDDA- Sporting Detection Dogs Association

  • Greater Mid-Ontario Doberman Fanciers Club

Volunteer Work:

  • St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs (past)

  • Jack Russell Terrier Rescue of Canada

  • Flat-Coated Retriever Society Rescue


My Story

Dawn Basham

Dawn started with Dogs BeHaven Training Solutions in January 2015 with her unruly puppy, Freya. Over the years Dawn has worked hard not only training Freya, but also volunteering for Dogs BeHaven to learn everything she can about dog training. Dawn is now a full instructor for Dogs BeHaven, and Freya is a very capable and very well trained demo dog.

Dawn is also a dog groomer, currently working with one of the top groomers in the province. If you're in one of our classes be sure to ask her about grooming! 

Dawn is available for private lessons within your home in the Caledon and New Tecumseth area. 


Pet First Aid

Training Terrors and Handling Errors with Linda Kaim

Connie Cleveland 2 Day Workshop