Board and Train Results Guaranteed

Guaranteed results with lifetime support

Are you having trouble training your own dog, whether it be because of lack of time or simply because you're unable to do it? I can help.

Your dog can come and stay with us within our home environment. What your dog learns and how long he/she will be here varies with each individual dog and your needs. Only one dog is taken in at a time, and dogs must be pre-screened before being accepted.

Possible things that can be trained with Board and Train:
  • House Training
  • Structured Obedience following any of our class descriptions
  • General problems within the home - jumping, biting, hole digging, food stealing
  • Much more!

Ask about our accelerated dog training program. Within 3 weeks we can have your dog:

  • Walking at your side without pulling
  • Sitting every time you stop
  • Coming when called, every time
  • Sit Stay and Down stay
  • Place command (going to a mat when asked, such as when the doorbell rings)

If you're going away and needing your dog boarded this is a great time to have your dog trained at the same time. This is not to say you need to be going away to be accepted for Board and Train.

Cost for 3 weeks = $1900.00 HST included