Scent Detection & Tricks Classes


This is a fast growing sport for pet owners to have some fun with their dogs. Any dog can do this. The object is to teach your dog to find an object or specific scent. No homework required, come out and have fun with your dog! 
  • Can be done by any age of dog, from puppy to senior
  • No homework is involved
  • Stimulates your dog's brain to relieve boredom                                                   
  • Tap into your dog's natural ability of using his/her nose. 
  • Prior training not required 

We begin with very easy, obvious searches to build your dog's confidence and understanding. Treats or toys are the objects of searching, helping to build your dog's drive for the find.We will gradually build on difficulty, increasing at your dog's own pace and eventually have them searching for specific scent. 

Here is an interesting article to help you before class.

Cost = $130.00 HST included for 5 weeks, or enroll in Tricks & Games on the same night and pay just $65 for the second class! Buy one get one 1/2! 
Please see the Dates and Enrollment page for Beeton, ON for times and dates.


Any breed and any age of dog can do this class. The more things you teach your dog, the better bond you have with them and the better behaved they are. Plus you'll have some fun new tricks to show your family and friends and new games to help you interact with your dog. 

 Each week we aim to introduce new tricks or games for you to teach your dog as well as building on the previous ones. 

Cost = $130.00 HST included for 5 weeks OR enroll in the scent class on the same night and pay just $65 for the second class. Buy one get one 1/2!

Please see the Dates and Enrollment page for times and dates.