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E-collar Training

E-collar training is a fast and effective way to get the desired behaviours with your dog. Unfortunately it is sometimes referred to as a shock collar, which implies that this tool will be used to inflict pain. People that refer to E-collars in such a way are misinformed, and often would rather see a dog given up or euthanized. It's our believe that there are other ways to train dogs, and we strive to always provide alternatives, but for some people or dogs this tool is necessary. This is not to imply it is just for difficult dogs. Even soft natured and small dogs can be trained with an E-collar if it's done properly. An e-collar should never be used for punishment, and should not be used without professional instruction. 

Have a look here for more valuable E-collar training:

Before purchasing an E-collar get in touch so we can talk about which type is suitable for your dog. 

E-collar training is done through private lessons only.

All of these dogs are wearing E-collars and running and enjoying life!