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Dog Training Classes in Beeton, ON 
Private lessons also available

Reliable dog training without treats, even around distractions

Does your dog...

Pull on leash?    Charge at the door?

Refuse to come when called? 

Jump on people?    Refuse to Stay?

    Bite or nip people?    Pee in the house?      

Get out of control around other dogs?

Refuse to listen to you?

We can help!

Dog Obedience training is what is needed for most misbehaving dogs. It's really not about getting your dog to Sit or Down, it's about building the proper relationship. We do not use food in our classes to teach obedience. Instead we use a method of praise and correction. You will have solid obedience training that sticks, because your dog has learned to work for you, not what's in your hand. A dog is happier when he has leadership. This kind of training fixes many behaviour issues going on with your dog.

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