Class Descriptions


Obedience Classes are a great idea for every dog, regardless of breed or age. The more training you do with your dog the more you will enjoy them. Not only does it create a well behaved dog, it tires them out. All dogs need a job to do, and all dogs need leadership. All of our classes are aimed at teaching the dog who their leader is and building compliance. 


For Everything Puppy!

This course is for puppies that are under 18 weeks old at the start of the course. This course will benefit ALL puppies, regardless of how much home training they have had. A puppy needs to get out see new things, new people and other dogs. The Puppy Essentials course  gives you an opportunity to do this in a safe environment. Learn how to raise a well balanced puppy. Puppies need to have had 2 sets of vaccines by the second week of class. 

This Course Will Cover:                                                                                                              

  • Getting started with obedience - Leave it, Sit, Down, Stand, Come, begin to walk on leash
  • Handling and grooming
  • Biting
  • Jumping up
  • Proper socialization - both with dogs and people
  • Food manners.                                                                                                              
  • House training.
  • Crate training.
  • Establishing the right relationship with your pup from the start.                                  
  • How to avoid resource guarding before it happens.
  • Question period every class for individual household problems as well as lesson plans to take home. 
  • Unlimited phone and email help for the duration of the course. 
Cost = $195.00 HST included for 6 lessons


The course all adult dogs need! 

This course is where all dogs begin if they are over 18 weeks old. This course helps you get your dog under control and makes them a more enjoyable family pet. It is all about teaching your dog COMPLIANCE, both in your home and out in public around distractions. Even if your dog knows basic things like Sit or Down, this is the course for you to fix any issues you may be having.  It will also help you build your bond with your dog. You know that well behaved dog you see out in public that you wish was your dog? This course is what you need to achieve that. 
If you never do anything else with your dog, be sure you do this course! This is the course that all dogs, regardless of age, need to take. NO DOG IS TOO OLD!

This course will cover:
  • Teaching your dog to heel at your side without the use of head halters or food. No more pulling on leash, even around distractions.
  • Getting your dog to turn his attention to you when he's distracted.
  • Sit, down, stand, stay, place, and come (on leash until Basic Level II course) - RELIABLY -  the first time they are told, without food being needed.
  • Controlling your dog around other dogs (no more dislocated shoulders) and in public.
  • Biting, jumping up, barking.
  • Teaching your dog to accept handling, grooming, vetting.
  • Problem behaviours within the home. 
  • Question period each week for individual problems and lesson plans to take home. 
  • Unlimited phone and email help for the duration of the course, for any problems you may be having with your dog. 
FREE practice session during your week one lesson. 7 Lessons for the price of 6

You will need to be able to do a minimum of 40 minutes per day of practice work for this course. 

Cost = $195.00 HST included for 6 lessons


The Basic Level II course is ONLY for dogs that have fully completed the Basic Obedience course. 

 Every dog needs this course, to complete their training, solidify what they've learned, and to achieve off leash reliability. Even if it's just for safety purposes, off leash reliability should be everyone's goal! Finish this course and you likely won't need any other training on your dog.  

This course will cover:

  • Solidifying all material covered in Basic Obedience at greater distance with more distractions.
  • A solid, reliable recall (getting your dog to come when called), with distractions.
  • Fine tuning obedience covered in the Basic Obedience course.
  • Long distance stays.
  • Reliable off leash heeling.
  • Getting your dog trial ready if that is your goal
  • Unlimited phone and email help for the duration of the course, for any problems you may be having with your dog. 
Cost = $195.00 HST included for 6 lessons


The Trial Prep course is only for dogs that have completed Basic Level II, no exceptions. It is designed to get you ready to compete in obedience trials, and to polish up what you learned in Level II. 

This course will cover: 

  • Handler skills for success in the ring
  • Rules for  Certified Good Neighbour (CGN), Rally Novice (RN) and Companion Dog (CD) 
  • Brushing up on skills to make your dog trial ready, including stays with distractions, Stand for Exam, Finishes. 
Cost = $125.00 HST included for 5 lessons

Once you've decided to sign up, give me a call so we can chat. I'll tell you everything you need to know about class, and you can tell me a bit about your dog. See the Class Dates and Enrollment for more details. 

A spot in class can only be reserved for you once your non-refundable deposit of $50 has been received. This ensures there is availability for you within the small class. No refunds of the class fee will be issued after the first lesson.