Central Ontario's Dog Trainer!

Dog Training Classes in Beeton, ON 
Private lessons also available

Reliable dog training without treats, even around distractions


The training that we do is great for ALL dogs of all ages, including dogs that are calm, hyper or stubborn,  and dogs with soft temperaments, nervousness, and fear issues.

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Does your dog...

Pull on leash?
Charge at the door?
Jump on people?
Move when you tell him to stay?
   Refuse to come when called?
Bite or nip people?
Pee in the house?
Get out of control around other dogs?
Refuse to listen to you at all?
And much more....

We can help!

We do not use food in our classes to teach obedience. Instead we use a method of praise and correction. You will have solid obedience training that sticks, because your dog has learned to work for you, not what's in your hand. A dog is happier when he has leadership. This kind of training fixes many behaviour issues going on with your dog.

All dogs regardless of breed or age can benefit from obedience lessonsNo dog is too old for training, as long as they are physically able. Training builds a stronger bond with your dog.

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